Loewen Equipment


Loewen Equipment
The Loewen 360° will make your excavator more productive.
  • Pin on or quick-couple to the machine.
  • Quick-couple any attachment below the rotate.
  • Available with an intergrated thumb that rotates with the bucket.
Loewen 360 Rotate Attachment
Loewen's unique design (patent applied for), thumb and cylinder are attached directly to the quick-couple bracket.
  • Installs in minutes.
  • No welding to stick.
  • Follows the bucket like a progressive thumb.
  • Different thumb designs available.
  • Model available for extend-a-hoes
  • Add the Loewen 360° for added versatility.
Loewen Equipment Manufacturing can custom design and manufacture any attachment to suit your needs.
Loewen Quick Attachments
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