Loewen Equipment


Loewen Equipment
You will do more than you ever thought possible with the Loewen High Rotation Wrist, giving you more versatility and productivity. It will allow you to cut standing trees, and wind fell trees, and place them in bigger bunches at any angle with a lot less movement of the carrier, increasing skidder efficiency.
  • Now uses your existing stick adapter.
  • 2 hydraulic motors on a 6-1 gear ratio gives a powerful
    350° rotate.
  • Heavy duty ball bearing rotate gear.
  • Easy access to manifolds and motors.
  • Hoses go through the rotater for better protection.
  • Models available for any buncher/sawhead combination.

Loewen High Rotation Wrist
Loewen Mulcher
  • Bunch and set aside useable timber, mulch the rest.
  • Open sawblade on the cabside for effective clearing of brush with one pass.
  • Stumps shredded right to ground level.
  • Perfect for clearing powerlines, pipeline right-of-ways and roadsides.
  • Well suited to selective clearing in beetle infested areas.
  • Install our mulcher blade on your sawhead to turn it into a mulcher

  • Custom grab arms
  • Widemouth conversions
  • Bolt on buttplates
  • Sawblade repair and balancing

*Features Bolt-On Butt Blade
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