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Attachments - Backhoe 2009 Loewen Backhoe Kamloops
$2,800 CA
Qwik-Attach Backhoe thumb. Specially designed for exte... 
Attachments - Grapples Rotobec Kamloops
Rotobec 8056 Grapple. It is a 56" Grapple that has ... 
Attachments - Thumbs Loewen Quik-Attach Thumb Kamloops
$7,200 CA
Installs in minutes. No welding to stick. Follows the b... 
Excavators Loewen 360 Rotate Kamloops
$36,450 CA
Quick-couple to the machine. Quick-couple any attachme... 
Forestry Loewen Kamloops
Brand new Loewen sawblades. Thicker blade than OEM to ... 
Forestry Loewen Kamloops
Loewen BRUSHCUTTER blade for feller bunchers. Bolts on... 
Forestry Loewen 350 Rotate Kamloops
$34,550 CA
LOEWEN UNIVERSAL ROT8 Wrist . 2 hydraulic motors on a ... 
Forestry Loewen Sawhead Modification Kamloops
Custom grab arms, widemouth conversions, bolt on buttpl... 
Parts - No Model - Kamloops
All kinds of sawhead parts. Sawmotors, sawblades. ar... 
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